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June 2008 Blog Posts (12)

American Classical League, 2008: To Infinitive and Beyond!

The American Classical League Summer Institute concluded yesterday with the traditional Latin singalong led, as always, by Stan Farrow. As we sang "Guadeamus Igitur" and other chestnuts, I began reflecting on the Insitute's program, and of the many, many teachers I had a chance to speak with regarding technology and teaching Latin and yes, Greek.

To keep with the focus of eClassics, there were a number of technology-themed papers presented, and a number of handouts have been made… Continue

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W.S. Allen, in his “Vox Latina”, dismisses the idea that Latin had a pitch accent, despite the description of this accent in great detail by a number of Roman grammarians writing prior to the fourth century AD. Allen states that the accent is “a minor detail of the Greek”. This would be like saying that the musical accent of Italian was “ a minor detail of Italian”. In fact, the survival of the pitch accent, albeit in modified form, in Italian, and the… Continue

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Summer Round-Up: June 29

As promised, here is a round-up of my Latin blogs for the past week.

Latin Via Fables - This week's fables include LaFontaine's Fox and Grapes in Latin, Young Man and Swallow, Wolf and Nurse, Androcles and the Lion, and The Camel and the Lion-King.

Audio Latin Proverbs - This week's essay is about the proverb: Elephantus culicem non curat.…


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Old(er) Teachers, New(er) Technology: An Informal ACL Breakfast Chat

I had the good fortune to bump into eClassics member Nicholas Young who has been teaching Latin at the high school and university levels for 38 years. It was breakfast-time at the American Classical League Summer Institute, and instead of going to some crazily early pre-conference workshop, we both had the same idea of drinking organic, free-trade coffee (all you can hold, and the only stuff that is offered by the University of New Hampshire), and kibbutzing with friends and colleagues. We… Continue

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Summer Round-Up: June 22

Summer Round-Up: June 22. This past week I had a FANTASTIC time looking for Latin Aesop's fables at Google Books and other online resources, in lieu of my usual blogging.

GoogleBooks has now scanned enough books from enough libraries that I have been able to pull together a very respectable online collection that represents all the major collections of Aesop's fables in Latin - ancient verse, medieval verse and prose, Renaissance verse and prose, plus all kinds of interesting modern… Continue

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One of the best Latin textbooks ever published

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best Latin textbooks ever published., June 16, 2008

By Alex Sheremet (Brooklyn, NY) - See all my reviews

If you've found this page, you're either lucky or industrious. Adler's "Practical Grammar" is virtually unknown to anyone outside of the spoken Latin movement, and for good reason: it's geared towards building oral fluency, which amounts to spending years on "fake Latin" before moving on to the original texts. Of course, this is how all languages have… Continue

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Summer Round-Up: June 15

Summer Round-Up: June 15

As promised, here is a round-up of my Latin blogs for the past week.

Latin Proverb of the Day - This week's proverbs included Stercus optimum vestigium domini; Hectora quis nosset, si felix Troia fuisset?; In tenebris salto; In pratis ut flos, sic perit omnis honos and Regnant qualibet urbe lupi.…


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Epode 7

Why, why have all of you hastened towards infamy? And why have unsheathed swords been fitted into your hands? Has not enough Latin blood poured upon the field and sea, not so the Roman might burn the proud citadels of envious Carthage, or send unconquered Britain down the Sacred Way in chains, but in answer to the prayers of the Parthians, that this city might kill itself with its own right hand?

Wolves and lions do not exhibit this behavior, except upon other animals, wild though… Continue

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Summer Round-Up: June 8

As promised, here is a round-up of my Latin blogs for the past week. I hope everybody is having a great summer!

At the AudioLatin.com website, I added some audio to accompany both the Latin Via Proverbs book and the Vulgate Verses book.

At the Vulgate Verses blog, I've commented on the verse Pascua sunt… Continue

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A number of new vocabulary learning resources have recently been made, and are available for free on Schola and Latinum. You can either direct your students to them directly, or save the files to present in other ways. For example, the vocabulary files could be downloaded and burned as Audio CD's and handed out. So could the image files, or they could be loaded onto students' memory sticks for taking home.

A SERIES OF OVER 3 000… Continue

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Summer reading groups for Latin and Greek

Hi all,

If you're interested in reading some more Latin or Greek over the summer to keep in practice, a few people from another forum I frequent have started some reading groups. For Latin, we're reading Cicero's first speech against Verres. We've only just started, so if you want to join, now's the time! It's a google group, so you need a google account to post:

Latin Reading Group

The Greek group is… Continue

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Summer Round-Up: June 1

Since the summer is a productive time for me at my various Latin blogs, I'll just be posting here once a week with a summary of the contents of those other blogs, hoping that it might be useful! Here is a list of what I published this week:

Latin Via Fables (latinviafables.blogspot.com): I've added seven new Latin fable types - The Tree and the Reed, Two Men and a Bear, The Old Man and Death, The…


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