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Summer Round-Up: June 15
As promised, here is a round-up of my Latin blogs for the past week.

Latin Proverb of the Day - This week's proverbs included Stercus optimum vestigium domini; Hectora quis nosset, si felix Troia fuisset?; In tenebris salto; In pratis ut flos, sic perit omnis honos and Regnant qualibet urbe lupi.

Greek Proverb of the Day - This week's proverbs included Ἐις ὕδωρ γράφεις τὸν ἔρωτα, Καθ' ὕδατος γράφεις; Πολλῶν ὁ λίμος γίνεται διδάσκαλος, Λίθος κυλιόμενος φῦκος οὐ ποιεῖ, and Ἂν χωλῷ παροικήσῃς, ὑποσκάζειν μαθήσῃς.

Bestiaria Latina Podcasts - This week's podcast is about the Aesop's fable, The Lion in Love.

Latin Via Fables - This week's fables include the story of the lion, the fox, and the footprints; the story of the greedy dog who was fooled by a reflection in the water; the story of the lion in love; and the story of the man who went hunting for a bird and was hunted by a snake instead!

Vulgate Verses - This week's verse commentary is about: Speciosa misericordia Dei in tempore tribulationis, quasi nubes pluviae in tempore siccitatis (from the Book of Sirach). I've also written up a comment on this verse: Pater, omnia possibilia tibi sunt.

Audio Latin - I've added audio for a group of proverbs from Latin Via proverbs, and also a group of verses from the Vulgate Verses book.

Audio Latin Proverbs - This week's proverb essays are about the saying, Mutare non potest pardus varietates suas, and the saying, Cattus comedit pisces sed non vult humectare pedes.

Grammatice - This week's post is about a physiological approach to Latin vowels and diphthongs.

Verbosum - This week's roots include TORC/TORQ, MORD, and the prefix AD.

Learning Latin Links - This week's links include The Latin Library and the Theoi.com website.

Roman Sudoku - I've published a very easy puzzle this week, perfacile!

Technology Tips - This week's topics include: Adding a List of Events to your Google Calendar; Using Ning.com for Social Networking; Creating Webpages with Google Pages; and Adding Widgets to a Quia.com Class Page.

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