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As promised, here is a round-up of my Latin blogs for the past week.

Latin Via Fables - This week's fables include LaFontaine's Fox and Grapes in Latin, Young Man and Swallow, Wolf and Nurse, Androcles and the Lion, and The Camel and the Lion-King.

Audio Latin Proverbs - This week's essay is about the proverb: Elephantus culicem non curat.

Vulgate Verses - This week's essay is about the verse in the Gospel of John: Ego sum vitis, vos palmites.

Audio Latin - This week I've added some audio for the Latin Via Proverbs book.

Grammatice - This week's grammar notes are about Latin Semivowels, and the letters J and U.

Verbosum - This week's roots include AC (ACU), PA (PASC), and TAC.

Learning Latin Links - This week's links include Carmina Popularia, Ephemeris and Diederich's Frequency of Latin Words.

Technology Tips - This week's technology tips include How To Edit Images with Picnik.com, Super Site-Specific Searches with Google, and Instant Editing with GoogleDocs: My Recipes.

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