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A number of new vocabulary learning resources have recently been made, and are available for free on Schola and Latinum. You can either direct your students to them directly, or save the files to present in other ways. For example, the vocabulary files could be downloaded and burned as Audio CD's and handed out. So could the image files, or they could be loaded onto students' memory sticks for taking home.

A SERIES OF OVER 3 000 PICTURE CARDS have been produced on Schola, http://schola.ning.com with over 3 000 posted online to date - each containing a photograph, with the name of the object on it.
There are also some more developed cards with short phrases on them as well, that relate to the image.
The sources for the vocabulary are
1.Williams Vocabulary for Speaking Latin
2. Comenius
This resource continues to grow. Teachers and students are free to download these images, to use in classroom situations.

Further, to work synergetically with this, a classified vocabulary is available on Latinum. http://latinum.mypodcast.com This is a much more extensive vocabulary of many thousands of words. an organized Latin vocabulary into domains and subdomains. Words with similar meanings were grouped together, and words with various meanings were dispersed throughout different domains. These are presented in oral format on Latinum, each domain having its own sound file, presented in English/Latin
They are read without pauses, to conserve ipod memory, and also to reduce frustration once the words become familiar. On the first listen though, the user is not expected to catch every word.
One school department recently contacted me, and wrote:
I and my students have found LATINUM very helpful this year, especially the AP class preparing for Catullus and Horace. The Latin III found it helpful for Cicero and Ovid.
Next year I intend on showing the incoming Latin II's to many of the vocabulary and grammar resources on LATINUM and SCHOLA. Our Latin I instructor is planning on using it also.

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