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A few milestones were passed this week - Firstly, my booklet 'Declensions' has turned out to be the most popular title on the Tar Heel reader website, being over 50% more popular than the next title on the list according to Gary Bishop, who runs the site. It says something, that a dry book on declensions has beaten the Alphabet, Obama, and Lady Gaga!

Here is the list of the most popular titles.

  1. Declensions
  2. Our First Black President
  3. The ABC Book
  4. Lady Gaga
  5. The ABC Book (yes there are two ABC books at the top of the list)
  6. I am Michael Jordan
  7. Disney Princesses
  8. Three Little Kittens
  9. Cupcakes

Secondly, my YouTube Latin course just passed its 200,000th  upload view.


Schola now has 1,746 members, and continues to grow at a steady pace.


Latinum is also still proving popular,with between 3 and 5 thousand file downloads per day. Total downloads since inception in 2007 is well over 7 million.


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