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Why, why have all of you hastened towards infamy? And why have unsheathed swords been fitted into your hands? Has not enough Latin blood poured upon the field and sea, not so the Roman might burn the proud citadels of envious Carthage, or send unconquered Britain down the Sacred Way in chains, but in answer to the prayers of the Parthians, that this city might kill itself with its own right hand?

Wolves and lions do not exhibit this behavior, except upon other animals, wild though they are.

Does blind madness or Fate or guilt seize us? Answer me!

They are silent; a deathly pallor colors their faces and their minds are struck dumb. It is this: bitter Fate insights the Romans, and the crime of a brother’s violent murder, as when the blood of innocent Remus flowed on the earth, a curse to future generations.

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