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More wired than a Roman Internet café

I was able to reconnect with an old friend today, Dr. Katrina Dickson, who is now teaching Classics at Emory University. I had asked her if she was using any digital resources for her classes and she replied favorably, but uses technology for material culture classes and is just starting to formulate how to integrate technology into her Latin courses. For the former, she uses ARTstor for most of her images; she indicated that Emory also uses Insight (Luna Imaging). [note from Andrew: Insight is described by Luna as being, "software for digital collections which revolutionizes the way leading educational and cultural heritage institutions archive, research and teach".]
From her e-mail, Katrina teaches all of her classes in, "level one classrooms at Emory which means that I have lots of technology to exploit available to me and I dig it." Katrina also noted that neighboring Emory College also has a summer iPod workshop sponsored by the Emory College Language Center.
Emory students, in her words, are "tech savvy....The students and many professors are fond of using an intranet system called Learnlink. The University is trying to move everyone to Blackboard (which I use pretty extensively). I'd like to make more use of the Wimba voice tools with the language students."
Prior to starting at Emory, Katrina taught on-line for Yale University with Dr. Diana Kleiner and did a lot of development with AllLearn, an innovative, on-line distance learning program.
If you have any questions or comments, please post them here. Katrina is off on a well-needed break but will be back soon to join in the discussion.

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