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John Taylor's Caesar for Beginners. (Book I, The Helvetic War)

John Taylor's  Caesar for Beginners. (Book I, The Helvetic War)
The publishers to the new University College, London, in the mid 1800's embarked on a new series of Latin texts, following the plan outlined by the philosopher John…

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John Amos Comenius' 'Vestibulum to the Latin Language'.

John Amos Comenius' 'Vestibulum to the Latin Language'. 

This text is a pleasant introduction to the Latin language, and would also benefit more experienced students, who may have a very limited range of vocabulary.

The Vestibulum gives an essential foundation in the core root words of Latin, enough to begin to start to speak about some things, and to read a…

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Appleton and Jones' 'Puer Romanus'.

Appleton and Jones'  'Puer Romanus'.

Appleton's reader is suitable for a 21st century intermediate student of Latin, although even a beginner will benefit…

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Sanford and Scott's 'Junior Latin Reader'

Sanford and Scott's
'Junior Latin Reader' 

Sanford and Scott's reader would be accessible for a student who…

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Caesar - The British War ; Customs of the Gauls

Caesar - The British War ; Customs of the Gauls
This audiobook covers:
 Caesar's Bello Gallico
Book 4, chapters 20…

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Reynold s Latin Reader

Reynold s Latin Reader (Nature Study + Novella + Adapted Caesar) length: 4hrs 38 mins (Audio Books)

 'Nature Study Reader…

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'A Child's First Latin Book'

W. Fenton's
 'A Child's First Latin Book' - Religious and Old Testament Themes

Fenton's reader is in the style promoted by the philosopher John Locke, and the printers to University College, London (John Taylor). The Latin is…

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Comprehensible Input from Latinum

Latinum's free podcast, as I mentioned before, is closing. There were many loose ends on the podcast. All the completed projects, as audio books, are available on DVD, and I will continue to produce new materials and release them on disc.

The free material will be released on YouTube (channel 'evan1965')

The site for latin audio on disc is  http://latinum.org.uk


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As mypodcast.com has finally become unable to finance the servers of mypodcast.com, the site will be closed on December the 1st. I will not be starting up the service on LibSyn, as there are financial implications. Instead, I will release new material on DVD,

and will also be working more intensively on Latinum on YouTube.

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Latinum on YouTube

Latinum on YouTube now has over 3 000 subscribers. I have decided that from now on, whatever I produce for the audio podcast, I will also re-record for the youTube site.  I had been doing this before, but more haphazardly.  My general approach to my suite of websites is now more systematic - one audio book at a time. At present, each youTube video gets fewer downloads than each audio podcast, but as I develop the YouTube site, I expect this will change.


At the moment, not…


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Sanford and Scott's Junior Latin reader

I am currently recording Sanford and Scott's Junior Latin reader at Latinum  at mypodcast.com

So far I have read the series of stories about Perseus, and am just coming to the end of the Hercules cycle.

The Latin used in this reader is simple, and makes for easy reading - ideal comprehensible input for both intermediate students and teachers who want something pleasant, but relaxing, to listen to. 

The text…


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Looking for Skype Relationship - Non-English Speaking Latin Students

Skype Project - Magister.Aureus

I teach Latin I, II, III, IV at Toano Middle School and Warhill High School in Williamsburg, VA, USA. I am looking to partner my Latin I and II classes with a classes of non-English speaking students, ages 12-15, where we can use Latin as the sole medium of communication between the students. Or we could do it with a class of English speaking students who agree to this ground…

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Looking for Latin teachers who want to do a Latin manuscript activity with my class on NING: could be suited to all abilities

Hello everyone! My name is Gabe Baker and it is my first year as a Latin teacher. At Oberlin College, one of my professors told me about his involvement in the beginning of the scripting of ancient Greek for computers, and since then I've been fascinated by the intersection between contemporary technology and ancient texts and languages.  It is no surprise to me that as a teacher I am enthusiastic about embracing technology as a means of enhancing the educational experience of my seventh…


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WiZiQ for every teacher

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Latinum Map 2011


In many places where Latinum is being accessed, there are no Latin teachers.

Increasing uptake in India this year, and across the former USSR.

As internet access increases in Africa, there is a corresponding increase in people in Africa accessing the…


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Latinum - Online Programme Update

A few milestones were passed this week - Firstly, my booklet 'Declensions' has turned out to be the most popular title on the Tar Heel reader website, being over 50% more popular than the next title on the list according to Gary Bishop, who runs the site. It says something, that a dry book on declensions has beaten the Alphabet, Obama, and Lady Gaga!

Here is the list of the most popular titles.…


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Visuwords - online Graphical Dictionary and More

Check out visuwords at


This is an online graphical dictionary and thesaurus AND MORE!

I used this with my Latin club to show them English words with Latin roots.

Type in the word "maternal" for example and then watch all the connections.

This is great for a research tool.  We used it to find information on mythology.

Type in Zeus.  Hover over the word for a… Continue

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Historical greek pronunciation on google maps

You don't like very much the Erasmian or reconstructed pronunciation ?

Do you prefer the Greek historical pronunciation, but you are not sure if you can use it in your classes, because you think you'll be the only one?

Or maybe, you think your students would have some troubles learning Ancient Greek wiht this system?

Other teachers already use it normally.

Have a look into this…


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Learning Latin with Comenius

Comenius arranged his course in a gradated series:

1. The Vestibulum, with an associated grammar for beginners
1a. The Orbis Sensualium Pictus - an amplified form of the Vestibulum.
2. The Janua Linguarum, with an associated grammar and lexicon.
3. The Janua Linguarum Aurea, with an associated grammar and colloquia.
4. The Atrium, with an associated grammar.
5. A Lexicon wholly in Latin.
How could the student use this…

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Latinum Update

Update on usage of the various free Latin resources from Latinum.

Cursum Latinum,

This site started to broadcast in August 2010 on YouTube, and now has 1,768 subscribers. To date there have been 173,649 individual upload views of videos.



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