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Latinum on YouTube now has over 3 000 subscribers. I have decided that from now on, whatever I produce for the audio podcast, I will also re-record for the youTube site.  I had been doing this before, but more haphazardly.  My general approach to my suite of websites is now more systematic - one audio book at a time. At present, each youTube video gets fewer downloads than each audio podcast, but as I develop the YouTube site, I expect this will change.


At the moment, not many people have fast wifi connections to their mobile devices for listening/watching youtube clips, but the technology is rapidly advancing. 

This is, time-wise, not too much of an investment. The problem with the libsyn platform I was experimenting with, is that it was cumbersome to use, and very time consuming.


I have also put a little "latinum" logo onto the Schola masthead,  so that the association that exists between the sites is made clear.

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