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Lowe, Butler and Walker's ' Introduction to Caesar'.

Lowe, Butler and Walker's 
' Introduction to Caesar'.

The audio edition contains the audio of the textbook, with additional materials.1. Lowe's text contains much grammatical information, and the audio really needs to be used in conjunction with the text. This is a comprehensive textbook, which also lays down an overview of Latin grammar as it proceeds through the material line by line. This textbook contains a full Latin syntax, which is not read out in audio.
The audio material covers Book One of Caesar's Gallic War, from Chapter 1 to Chapter 28.
Lowe's text on the DVD is numbered from 000 to 106
The vocabulary audio contains all the vocabulary in audio for book one of De Bello Gallico. Each word or phrase is read in Latin - English - Latin. 
The English literal version is contained in the files numbered 1001 to 1029, and contains a literal rendition of the text. The English literal translation is to be found in the files numbered 1001 to 1029. It might be useful for a beginning student to listen to the English, before looking at the Latin, so that he or she is more or less familiar with the text before attempting to learn it. The vocabulary files are intended to consolidate what you know, and can be listened to before starting the material, or occasionally, to refresh the memory.

Lowe, Butler and Taylor, Bellum Helveticum - a grammatical approach

15 hours and 16 minutes of audio
read online...>

More information about Latinum can be found at Latium Redivivum ,
 including lists of the material graded by ability level.

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