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Looking for Latin teachers who want to do a Latin manuscript activity with my class on NING: could be suited to all abilities

Hello everyone! My name is Gabe Baker and it is my first year as a Latin teacher. At Oberlin College, one of my professors told me about his involvement in the beginning of the scripting of ancient Greek for computers, and since then I've been fascinated by the intersection between contemporary technology and ancient texts and languages.  It is no surprise to me that as a teacher I am enthusiastic about embracing technology as a means of enhancing the educational experience of my seventh graders.  But when will this nostalgic introduction end?  Allora:


I am looking for teachers with a Latin class of any ability, who would be willing to experiment with me on a collaborative manuscript lesson between our two classes online.  We can have groups of or individual students compose, exchange, and translate each others' illuminated manuscripts, and the NING site would provide a neat way for the students to situate their Latin learning in a different and broader community than any classroom + text on its own can provide.  This would also provide a neat way for some older students to provide some mentoring and tutoring to younger students.


We could tailor the lesson to suit the respective needs of our classes.  One could use this lesson strictly as a means to practice Latin or as a way to also learn about history, art, and books.  You may be surprised by the extent to which these Renaissance and Medieval manuscripts lure in the viewer. 


Depending on the extent to which you find yourself and your students interested, this interaction could take place over the span of a day or over the span of a week!  My students (7th graders), at least for the next month, will be working on manuscripts. 


Please send me an email at gabriel.j.baker@gmail.com if any of this piques your curiosity or has sparked any ideas of your own.


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Comment by Laura Gibbs on April 3, 2011 at 10:43am
Gabe, are you on the LatinTeach list? This Ning does not get a lot of traffic (which is a shame, since it is a much better way of sharing than the old list serve, which does not allow images, attachments, media, searches, zippo) - anyway, you will be able to reach a lot of teachers through LatinTeach: http://nxport.com/mailman/listinfo/latinteach
Comment by Laura Gibbs on April 3, 2011 at 12:01pm
I wish I were teaching Latin, because this is just the kind of project I would love to participate in. We use a Ning for my classes right now and it is a fabulous tool - I teach English comp. courses in mythology and folklore, etc. :-)


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