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February 2009 Blog Posts (14)

Report on the Greek and Roman Games in the Computer Age Conference, Trondeheim, Norway

Report on the Greek and Roman Games in the Computer Age Conference

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

February 20-21, 2009

Prepared by Andrew Reinhard


A revolution is happening now and the flashpoint is Scandinavia. Both Sweden and Norway have fought and won to keep Classics as a vital and viable subject of study at the secondary school and university level. Activist bloggers like Moa Ekbom in Sweden (see her… Continue

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Scholiastae project

This came in a couple of days ago on Classics-L; I thought it might be of interest to some of the people here.

From: Wm Annis


Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009, 4:02:45 AM

Subject: [CLASSICS-L] A new web project: www.scholiastae.org

After years of hoping fruitlessly for web-based software to work up texts in the same way I do for Aoidoi.org, I finally gave up early this year, and learned how to write MediaWiki…

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Latinum Podcast Update

My work on Latinum continues - I do some work for the podcast every week, and I am now gradually processing the Comenius material, which is slowly making its way online. Comenius is proving surprisingly popular - I think the reason for this is the existence of a huge body of texts in multiple languages, making his works by far the most accessible textbook for an international audience - all this, despite its having been written in the sixteenth… Continue

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Catalogue of Mediaeval Digitised Manuscripts.

New as of February 2009, is the Catalogue of Mediaeval Digitised Manuscripts.
A growing number of these are being digitised, and placed online. Many have not been published. As time goes on this will doubtless grow into an enormous resource, where the educated amateur Latinist would be in a position to actually make a contribution to scholarship, or if not that, certainly just have fun poking around.

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A Delight I found today. This is a simple dialogue called Familiarium Colloquiorum Formulae, graecè et latinè. Cebetis,... Dialogus qui [...] inscribitur, cum latina interpretatione. @ hoc est : feli…

A Delight I found today. This is a simple dialogue called

Familiarium Colloquiorum Formulae, graecè et latinè. Cebetis,... Dialogus qui [...] inscribitur, cum latina interpretatione. @ hoc est : felium et murium pugna, tragaedia graeca, nunc primum Latinitate donata. @ , hoc est : Ranarum ac murium pagna Homeri, unà cum scholiis Philippi Melanchtonis antehoc nunquam editis. Elipsii Galentii amphratensis, de… Continue

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Greek Podcast?

Does anyone know what has happened to David Clark's new Classical Greek podcast based on Kendrick's text? The blogspot location is now dead, and the material here about the podcast appears to have vanished. The podcast seemed to start off really well, if it has died a death, it would be a real shame. Hopefully it has just moved somewhere else......

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Gesturing and learning

Toddlers who use gestures more often have better vocabularies on reaching school age, US researchers say.

They say those who convey more meanings with gestures at 14 months have larger vocabularies at four-and-a-half years and are better prepared for school.

Parents and teachers could help children learn to speak by encouraging the use of gestures, say psychologists from the University of Chicago.

Their study, in Science journal, was announced at the AAAS… Continue

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recte pronuncianda?

Our endless pronunciation discussions are Lilliputian, Gulliverian, nay, verily, Blefuscian. With only - what - 500 people on the planet truly fluent in spoken Latin ad lib. we should have other concerns.

Those who carp overly much at other's pronunciation simply terrify, most responding by keeping their jaws clamped as though afflicted with the rictus, lest they be immolated upon the pyre of rectitude for proferring a misplaced stress, a poorly weighted syllable or - by Jupiter - an… Continue

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Teaching Latin Online, Part I---by Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, Instructor, Carmenta Online Latin Classroom

Several months back I met Andrew Reinhard, the founder and caretaker of this site, through a series of email messages. He told me about the eClassics site and I told him about myself, specifically about how I had started teaching Latin on the internet. He was interested in hearing about my experiences with the format, and since he thought that others might be interested as well, he suggested that I submit something about it to eClassics—something describing the logistics of teaching in the… Continue

Added by Andrew K-H on February 11, 2009 at 2:05pm — 6 Comments

APA Outreach on iTunes: "Podcasting and the Classics" now available for iTunes and your audio-player

I am happy to announce the availability of the talks from the Outreach Panel, "Podcasting and the Classics," APA/AIA 2009, on iTunes.

In order to access the talks through iTunes, you point your browser to the following link:


Your web browser should prompt you to launch iTunes. You will have an option to subscribe. All episodes are free of charge.

This debut gives our… Continue

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Transliterations into Greek

Interestingly, some of the tomb inscriptions in the Jewish Roman catacombs are in Latin, but are written in Greek. (and some are the other way around) This is really interesting, as these are phonetic transcriptions. For example, we see the dipthong ae rendered as restored classicists would have us render it on one inscription, and with a simple E in another. We find the accusative ending is simply not there - evidence for it's simply being a nasalisation?

Has anyone done any work on these… Continue

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Latin Lyrics--Libere Concido and (Non capio) Voluptatem

Here are the lyrics for the two Latin rock and roll songs I posted recently. The translations were prepared by former 8th grade Latin students of mine, and I did the recordings as practice tracks for our big Latin rock show in 2007. The recordings can be streamed on my page. (Parentheses indicate elision)

Libere Concido

Tomius Minutus

Est bona, amat matrem

Amat Iesum et Americam

Est bona, d(e) Elve cerrita

Amat equos, atqu(e)… Continue

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Proposal - Collaborative Classics Podcast

I had an idea today - a collaborative Classics podcast:

How would it work?

A new account would created at Mypodcast, for a podcast called CLASSICS. Anyone who wanted to contribute to it, would be given the username and password to access the podcast for uploading material.

What would be on it?

Anything related to Latin or Greek, from any time period. Readings from classical texts in translation or in the original, or both, episodes on a topic of interest, grammar… Continue

Added by Latinum Institute on February 1, 2009 at 11:00am — 17 Comments

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