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APA Outreach on iTunes: "Podcasting and the Classics" now available for iTunes and your audio-player

I am happy to announce the availability of the talks from the Outreach Panel, "Podcasting and the Classics," APA/AIA 2009, on iTunes.

In order to access the talks through iTunes, you point your browser to the following link:


Your web browser should prompt you to launch iTunes. You will have an option to subscribe. All episodes are free of charge.

This debut gives our organization an opportunity to see how listeners at-large respond to our content. This will give us a sense of where we might go in the future as the APA plans, perhaps, to utilize this technology further in future meetings.

I will be announcing this podcast on CLASSICS-L, LATINTEACH, CLASSICISTS (UK) and DIGITALCLASSICISTS (you may receive duplicate notices from these lists about this new iTunes dimension). Please feel free to circulate this link widely among your colleagues and other listservs, so that we can receive valuable feedback from our profession and the public about this project.

ex corde, Chris Ann Matteo

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