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In light of the recent discussion on peer review and ancient language podcasting/pronunciation, I would like to know if there is an interest in creating a Group here on eClassics dedicated to the discussion and review of pronunciation and recording of ancient languages. Based on the responses, I can launch something as early as next week to serve as a dedicated forum for discussion.

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Sounds like a good idea. Especially since I've just started doing some recordings and postings in Latin.
Hi Andrew, I think that would be great - I've gotten a few emails from people after the discussion at the LatinTeach listserv asking for help with Audacity - I do have a Getting Started with Audacity Guide that I prepared for my students two years ago, but it's buried inside my Online Biblical Greek course. It would be fantastic to have a place where we could share links and resources.

I'm guessing we can probably learn a lot from what modern language instructors are doing too. One of my best friends teaches online Italian and is using Skype to have her students share audio with each other every week, for example! Having a forum to share ideas not just from classicists but from other language teachers and how they are using technology and audio would be super!
Count me in.
I am supportive of this and would join this project. Chris Ann Matteo, aka Chrysanthemum




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