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I was looking around online to see if I could find any Latin creative writing written by contemporary writers...I was aware of the poetry page run by Suberic, however, I was looking for prose - short stories and the like.
I have not found anything. A couple of blogs here and there, but no literature as such.
I don't mean academic writing. I mean creative writing.

I know Laura Gibbs encourages her students to write compositions. Maybe, Laura, you even have a few hanging around....

I would be happy to host a web-page to put the stories on. I would need some volunteer editors/proofreaders. I do not anticipate a sudden flood of contributions. I'm not looking for translations. Just original, creative writing.


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Comment by Laura Gibbs on December 5, 2007 at 5:06pm
Hi Evan, I've taught just first- and second-year college Latin with just very very basic compositions. Many Latin courses involve no composition at all, and so the students who landed up in my third-semester Latin course were a bit horrified at the idea.

My goal, though, was to avoid exactly the awful business in the recent Latin "version" of Mount's letter to the New York Times the other day - composition is NOT translating from English into Latin.

The strategy I used was to have the students write in response to images or to do some writing based on a reading passage we had done.

Here's a sample for the week on Hrabanus Maurus - there are Latin "question and answer" sentences first, and then the composition topics below:
Hrabanus Maurus: Questions & Composition

I will be creating similar prompts for the Aesop's fables book I am doing for Bolchazy-Carducci this spring! :-)


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