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Finding a Cheap way to produce CD and DVD Latin

I have been very unhappy with the CD service provided by LULU and by Amazon's createspace - the charges were just way too high.
I have now found a company that lets me produce CD's and DVD's at a price even a schoolpupil can afford - $2 -
and postage in the USA is very low, and international standard airmail is reasonable. ($4)

I have so far put online my Corderius CD, which contains 50 odd colloquia, recorded in Latin-English-Latin for each line of dialogue, and then two variant version in Latin only (Alexander's edition, and Willymott's Edition) which tweak the original material slightly. This data CD also contains the pdf's I used and also the pdf of the exhaustive opera omnia version (Madrid edition)

I will be adding more material to this store - it takes a few hours to process one item.

I am currently recording Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic war in a literalised English version - useful for a student to listen to,while holding the Latin text in front of them. Currently up to Book 3.

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Comment by Laura Gibbs on November 30, 2009 at 3:12pm
Evan, that is so cool!!! I really like using Lulu for printed stuff but I too was not happy with how they managed the CD business (I found it kind of intimidating on top of being pricey).

I'm thinking of doing audio projects with my students next year (since they are so much more motivated by audio and video production than by writing) - this looks like a great option. Talk about plain and simple - thanks so much for sharing this.


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