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Adler XIIII Pensum Quartum Decimum B pg 55 - 58
has just been published
Episodes C and D are on the way - D is being crunched by my computer as I write this entry in this scribulum/ephemeris whatever it may be, and C is uploading to net..

If you listen, you will hear Baroque music softly playing in the background. I added this as an experiment in these episodes, following on from something I read in an article online by David Parsons. Parsons talks about

"Georgi Lozanov who invented a technique in Bulgaria in the 1950s to 1970s called the Active Concert and the Passive Concert. The Active concert is a reading of a drama script by one voice with background music. The Passive concert is a similar reading, but with the words as background to the music. As we listen in a relaxed state, concentrating on the words first, and then on the music, so the 60 beat per minute baroque music brings our brain into the most receptive state, and helps the words to sink deep into the memory. "

Yesterday, I recorded a series of short episodes that contain unanswered questions in Latin, which the student has to make up answers to - they have ten seconds approx to make up an answer, and say it aloud. These are the new part D, and there is now one for each lesson I've posted so far - although I'm only up to lesson 14...only 83 to go, so I have about a year's work ahead of me.

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