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Fable of the Day: De cornice et urna (Barlow)

Sitibunda Cornix reperit urnam aqua plenam, sed erat urna profundior quam ut exhauri a Cornice possit. Conatur igitur vano molimine aquam effundere, sed non valet. Lectos igitur ex arena lapillulos iniectat. Hoc modo aqua levatur et Cornix bibit.

You will notice a new format here! This is because I am now finalizing materials for the edition of Aesop's fables that I'll be publishing with Bolchazy-Carducci, based on Barlow's Aesop of 1687.

Here is the vocabulary for the fable, excluding the words which are on the Common Word List:

aqua: water
arena: sand
cornix (cornicis, f.): crow, she-crow
lapillulus: pebble
modus: manner, method, way
molimen (moliminis, n.): effort, vehemence
urna: pot, urn

plenus: full
profundus: deep
sitibundus: thirsty
vanus: false, fruitless

bibo (bibere): drink
conor (conari): attempt, endeavor
effundo (effundere): pour out
exhaurio (exhaurire): drain, empty
iniecto (iniectare): lay on, put in
lego (legere), lectus: gather, collect
levo (levare): lift up, free up
possum (posse) : be able, can
reperio (reperire): find, discover
valeo (valere): be well, be strong

Comments: For a segmented version of the text and an English translation, see the Aesopus website.

(The grammar seems very straight-forward for this one, so I don't have any grammar notes. Suggestions?)

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