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Before Schola, the only other chatroom that regularly had people in it, was this one. This only sees action once a week, and has a devoted group of followers. It is necessary to register to use it. It is well worth a visit.

We need to remember how few people there are who have the ability or desire (different things!) to write
in Latin at conversational pace - there are a tiny number. Of Schola's 1100 members, only a small fraction regularly visit the chatroom to communicate.

Schola arguably now has the largest concentration of such people in one place.
The best time to find someone in the chatroom dusing the week, seems to
be around 19:00 GMT through to 1 or 2 a.m. (UK time). If you click the
'Acta Publica' link above the chatroom, you will be able to see the conversations
from the previous months.

The problem with any chatroom, is that it needs a critical mass to be functional, otherwise people will continually visit an empty chatroom, and won't return. That certainly used to be how it was with the chatroom on Schola....but a few dogged individuals kept coming back, in hope, and gradually, a community developed - people who have been getting to know each other, through their only common language.

It is quick to log in. There is usually a long list of guests. The 'guests' do not speak....well, hardly ever. Why not? these users are acually surfing the Latinum podcast site, where there is a mirror of the chatroom. I put the mirror on Latinum, so that people coming to the site, can see that there are people in the world who can write in Latin, and use it actively.....for many people, this is an incentive to learning.

So, if a named person isn't in the chatroom,- come back another time. A quick look over the Acta Publica will give you an idea of who the communicators are......and what times they tend to hang around.

Some people log on, and observe, interjecting the odd 'salve',but do not actually write much......they are still learning,
which is fair enough.

Here is a list of names of people who have conversed actively in the past 2 weeks:if you see them, they will
have the skill to chat: (The names are given in decreasing order of frequency - many regulars are on holiday right now, or at one of the various conventicula that are taking place over these two months.).

Adamus, _________(Samuel),Molendinarius,Incitate,DanLane,,Qvasus,LaurentiusEqvula,Eugenius Hamilton,JuliaBrandes,KarolisLyvens,Andreas,EoinSilke,JoseCuerina,JamesFassler,Thesaurus,
CaivsTiberius,LeontiusLavo,Lemures,Jason,Biblia,ScholasticusFaber,AnnMartin,Sophia,Brennus,Lydia,MichaelesNagoda,fabianus,oimoi,vincenzocarellio,Scott,Daniel, Sodalis Purus

What is particularly interesting, from a sociological perspective, is that almost every single person who comes to chat on Schola, is an autodidact. Hardly anyone has learned Latin at school - though there are a few.....this is very intereesting, and merits more investigation. It is also encouraging to see that self taught students can achieve such competency, after only 2 - 3 years of study. Some are very accomplished having studied Latin by themselves for over 5 five years....others are still earlier along on the path....but everyone has a goal - complete mastery and fluency.

The Chatroom in Schola is a very happy place - it is very evident that everyone communication gets a kick out the using the Latin language - that, in itself, this is a source of pleasure.

Schola also has a secondary chatroom, where it is possible to have voice/video conversations, and members sometimes retire from the main chatroom, to have a voice chat. Those without microphones can listen in,and join the conversation by texting alongside. This adds yet another dimension.

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