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Today, I stumbled across a webiste that could possible prove very useful - it has affinities with the tarheel reader site:

It is called dotsub.com

Latin appears on the drop down menu of languages, but no-one has made any Latin resources yet.

The site is very simple to use - possibly even easier than tarheel reader: It has videos (which can be searched by category). You can easily write subtitles, line by line. You simply translate the existing subtitles into Latin, using the site's easy interface.

There is a video on the site that explains clearly how to edit the subtitles of a film clip.

There are videos from Sesame Street, cartoons etc. You can also upload your own clips, and put subtitles on them.

This site could add one more dimension to the wide range of resources that we are building up online - for example, you could set a class a task of translating a script.....or indeed, of making up a script for a movie.....the subtitles in Latin don't, after all, have to translate the scene: they could all be about the clothes people are wearing, or what they are doing, or things that can be seen in a particular scene.....

The possibilities raised by this website are very intriguing. The site itself was designed to make resources for dying languages, so that speakers of the languages could have educational tools to teach with.

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