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repititio mater studiorum.

Almost all the Renaissance writers on language learning emphasise the importance of memorising chunks of text - Vives advocates memorising at least a line night.
The benefit of this is that the student has paradigms internalised, to draw on at will. If a student is going to compose poetry, or read poetry with ease, without having to scan, then knowing a selection of poems off by heart, with their metrical structures, would also be useful.
Corderius wanted students to memorise some of his dialogues.
To this end, I have put together some 'Ars Memoriae' recordings on Latinum - they follow a simple structure, reading the poem a line at a time, each time going back to the beginning, until the poem is completed. I have also experimented with leaving a space of time after reading each line, but I think this system is more successful at achieving its goal.

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