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I am still working on the Greek Podcast - I have been meeting up with Thomas Vulpius in Schola's Locutorium most evenings - mainly to speak in Latin, but also to work with my Greek.
Thomas is one of the handful of people able to converse in Attic Greek. He uses the restored pronunciation outlined by Daitz. I have been reading with him, to work on my pronunciation, which as a result, is improving rapidly. I have now posted 5 lessons from Kendrick online, and a few from Ahn's Practical Method.
These are the two simplest texts I can find that seem to ease the user into the language using a 'natural method', with Kendrick in particular using dialogue, as it is a true 'Ollendorff', and treats Attic Greek somewhat like a 'living language' in terms of how it is taught.

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