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I have just come across an amazing site for us Classicists - a company that prints cost price reprints of texts on Google Books and the Internet Archive - you tell them what text you want, they print it, and at a very low price.

I'm asking them to make Adler's textbook available, along with the Key.

There are so many amazing Latin texts out there on Google books. Now you can have them in your hands to read!

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Comment by Laura Gibbs on August 22, 2008 at 10:01am
Hi Evan, Lulu.com (http://lulu.com) is also very inexpensive - for the book I compared at both sites, Lulu was about $1 cheaper. Lulu also provides a very useful printing option: SPIRAL BOUND. For people who want to lay the book out flat while they work this is a good option, depending on the size of the book. I didn't delve further into the PublicDomainReprints site to see if they offer these different printing options, but Lulu's spiral bound is potentially very nice option.
The way Lulu works is that you upload a PDF (or a Word document, which Lulu converts to a PDF), and then select your printing options, etc. This could be a book you have written yourself, or it can be the scan of a book in PDF form, like a PDF you get from Google. You can then order the book at cost or, if it is a book you have written yourself, you can sell the book through Lulu with some kind of royalty added to the production cost (you get 80% of the royalty, and Lulu gets 20%, which is how they make their money - it's a much better deal than you would get with any conventional publishing house).
Since GoogleBooks are available in PDF form already, it would be possible to print them through Lulu as well.
I have not tried that experiment myself, but I've printed three of my own books with Lulu (including one that is spiral bound), and I've been very satisfied with the results. :-)


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