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Latinum Institute's Blog – December 2010 Archive (3)

Learning Latin with Comenius

Comenius arranged his course in a gradated series:

1. The Vestibulum, with an associated grammar for beginners
1a. The Orbis Sensualium Pictus - an amplified form of the Vestibulum.
2. The Janua Linguarum, with an associated grammar and lexicon.
3. The Janua Linguarum Aurea, with an associated grammar and colloquia.
4. The Atrium, with an associated grammar.
5. A Lexicon wholly in Latin.
How could the student use this…

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Latinum Update

Update on usage of the various free Latin resources from Latinum.

Cursum Latinum,

This site started to broadcast in August 2010 on YouTube, and now has 1,768 subscribers. To date there have been 173,649 individual upload views of videos.



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Latin Language Education - Historical Outline of a Method.

A historical perspective on Latin/Greek teaching : Evan der Millner This topic is a very wide ranging one – and a brief essay such as this, can only hope to cover the subject giving the barest of outlines. In this essay, I will mainly concern myself with what could be called the Rudiments of language education. I will also point out that some 'new' methods are actually not new at all. We are fortunate in knowing rather a lot about how the Romans went about teaching their…


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