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Update on usage of the various free Latin resources from Latinum.

Cursum Latinum,

This site started to broadcast in August 2010 on YouTube, and now has 1,768 subscribers. To date there have been 173,649 individual upload views of videos.

Latinum Podcast

Latinum does not have subscribers as such - but over 7 million file downloads from Latinum since 2007 via iTunes and the podcast hme page. Latinum usually gets well over 150 000 downloads a month, at times it regularly is over 200 000, depending on how frequently I produce new material.


Schola now has over 1,686 members. This site is wholly in Latin, and has a very international membership.

The map of individual users of the Latinum podcast, in clusters of  0-10, 10-100, and 100-1000  shows continuing and increasing usage of the site in the Far East and Asia, with an increased presence in Russia of users of the Latinum podcast. As always, it is encouraging to see how many places on earth still value Latin. Increasing presence of internet infrastructure in Africa is incrementally leading to an increased profile there as well,

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