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Latinum Institute's Blog – July 2007 Archive (5)

Latinum Podcast

The Latinum Podcast keeps surprising me with its uptake. Since I started it, the number of file downloads have steadily been rising:

29 file downloads in March

5737 file downloads in April

7409 file downloads in May

25 450 file downloads in June

42 700 file downloads in July

The structure of the Lessons is very simple - Adler uses a methodology which was very popular in the mid 1800's - teaching with question-answer sequences. This is particularly useful for… Continue

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Gesture and learning

I read a study some months ago, about students who gesture while learning - the first study I read related to language. Today, I read a similar study http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/07/070725105957.htm

but this time, dealing with maths problems, also indicating the positive role of gesture in learning.

The study related to hand gestures and speaking is here:


Language aquisition and mathematics… Continue

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Latinum Podcast

I've been working hard on the Latinum podcast. Each new posting is now picking up around 200 downloads, and in total I get around 800 - 1000 files downloaded per day, I expect this will increase come the start of the academic year, but that it will slow down over August.

The lessons from Adler's "A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language for Speaking and Writing Latin" are now divided into clear sections: I am now up to lesson 13, still a long way to go yet. The project will take over… Continue

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Interference patterns in learning

nsI read another useful study this week - on the use of object lessons to illustrate points, as opposed to teaching something purely conceptually, from the university of Ohio.


Students were given mathematics problems to solve, using abstract symbols i.e. star + snowflake = raindrop, etc.

Another group were given dynamic moving images, personalised, that had three dimensions, and moved across the screen, when… Continue

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Aural Oral and Textual competition in learning


This is my first post here.......and I thought I'd post some ideas I've had about educational approaches to using technology.

I recently read a study about Microsoft Powerpoint, and how apparently it fails as a communication strategy - the listeners pay attention to the visuals, and ignore the accompanying speech, and the one set of information probably interferes with the other. The psychologists who carried out the study suggested that in most cases, the visuals… Continue

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