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I've been working hard on the Latinum podcast. Each new posting is now picking up around 200 downloads, and in total I get around 800 - 1000 files downloaded per day, I expect this will increase come the start of the academic year, but that it will slow down over August.

The lessons from Adler's "A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language for Speaking and Writing Latin" are now divided into clear sections: I am now up to lesson 13, still a long way to go yet. The project will take over a year to complete, I estimate.

Part A of each recorded lesson is a grammatical exposition.

Part B contains extensive examples of spoken Latin, given in English and Latin, the Latin is repeated twice. I have also made one sample episode in French and Latin, and another in German and Latin.

Part C is only in Latin. The sentences are read out slowly, with pauses in between, giving the student the opportunity to either think about the material, or to recite it aloud. Then the whole lesson is repeated again, at a faster pace. As the lessons advance, they take the form of short dialogues, using the vocabulary that has been learned up until that point in the lesson.

I have ordered a copy of Adler's textbook on interloan, as unfortunately the google books scan is deficient in a rather large number of places. It is such a pity Google made such a dog's breakfast ot it, but on the other hand, it is amazing that it exists online as a scan at all.

I will post these pages online, once I have scanned them. However, the Key to Adler's grammar, also available on google is an excellent scan.

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