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Petition for World of Warcraft to be available in Greek and Latin

If you play World of Warcraft (of even if you don't), please consider signing this petition to the attention of Blizzard Entertainment to encourage them to port the game into Greek and to license the game so that it can be ported to Latin:

We, the undersigned, to hereby request that Blizzard Entertainment make World of Warcraft available in both Greek and in Latin. With the advent of WoW being released in Russian as well as in Chinese, it should be no great challenge to Blizzard either intellectually or financially to port the game into Greek. This has two purposes: first, it will enable those players in Greece to play in their native language, and second, it will allow students of the Greek language to play the game as well. This has great pedagogical significance to those EU- and US-based students of Classics, history, and archaeology, among other fields of study. With several universities (like M.I.T.) and foundations (like the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation) hosting think-tanks and sponsoring grants for eLearning and learning via gaming, Blizzard should consider offering WoW in Greek.

With Latin, we understand that it a significantly smaller market, but with the uptick in Latin eLearning and improved enrollment numbers worldwide, we feel that there is a sizable enough community to warrant at least the licensing of WoW to a third-party publisher to produce a Latin-language port of the game. As you may know, Carpe Praedam is the only Latin-language guild in all of WoW. Hundreds of guilds and thousands of players have Latin-derived names. We think that the climate is right to offer WoW in Latin and request that Blizzard Entertainment seriously consider this option.

Thank you for your attention,

We, the members of eClassics

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I, Andrew Reinhard, author of this petition, founder of eClassics, and Director of eLearning for Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, am proud to be the first to sign in favor of Blizzard Entertainment creating ports of World of Warcraft in both Latin and in Greek.
I am supporting this by all means, Andrew! Spread the word. All the best,

This would be a delight. Blizzard should certainly consider this worthwhile project. Not only would students of the language be able to practice Latin in an enjoyable way, this would be a total hoot.

Maristella level 75 druid
I support your request to Bizzard absolutely!
WoW in Latin would be great! My students would find it interesting, and I could finally get interested in something my husband loves to do!
I support this petition.




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