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Its Epic. A sailor sets of in search of hidden treasure in the service of his queen. Enemies, both natural and marvelous. The help of the divine gods. Can you read it? If you have completed Lesson 15 of Learning Latin with Virgil, then there is a good chance you can. Leave a comment telling me what you think. Or better still, use the vocabulary you are learning to write a story of your own. A sailor chasing a whale? A queen looking for a statue? A god visiting the people on earth? And don't be afraid to make a mistake. I made two - see if you can find them.

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Comment by Laura Gibbs on June 6, 2010 at 4:30pm
Anthony, this video is FABULOUS. What software are you using to create the video? It is so easy to listen to the audio and enjoy the illustrations at the same time. EUGE!!! :-)


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