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Three days ago, the usual suspects were chatting away in the viva voce locutorium when someone had the idea to message everyone in Schola (over 1200 members now).
Suddenly, the locutorium came alive, faces we had never seen before appeared, and the conversation went on for some hours.
Yesterday we did the same thing again - this time, the regulars had been given admin powers, so more people could act as 'auceps'. The birds flew in, from allover the world - and again, the conversation went on for hours.
On Christmas day, the locutorium was busy for over 5 hours, with an ever increasing circle of people dropping by.
If you are really serious about improving your Latin, regular speaking is a sine qua non. Occasional summer coventicula are useful, but more important, is consuetudine - if possible, daily.
What is really exciting for us learners, is that really good speakers have come along as well - some quite famous names in our little Latin world.
When that email arrives from Schola, announcing the locutorium is open for business, drop by. Or poke your nose in on the off chance.
You might find someone there to chat with. There is a helpful youtube video on the chatroom page, that explains how the chatroom interface works.

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