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One reason I have poured so much energy into my Latinum projects, is that I believe that large amounts of exposure to the language are needed - more hours than can be supplied in a classroom setting - to acquire fluency. Also, our students nowadays are more inclined to listen to an audiobook or a soundtrack, than to read.

I would not necessarily recommend that Latinum materials be used in the classroom - they are not specifically designed for this,(although some materials might be suitable) but are aimed at the autodidact - of which there are a very large number, scattered all over the globe - but the audio materials can be a very useful adjunct for out of school activities. You can encourage your students to expose themselves to oral Latin, while not necessarily using much of it in the classroom yourself.

Students who are struggling with particular forms and constructions, can be directed to relevant episodes - there is now a wealth of material to choose from: I now have three Latin textbooks available as audiobooks:- all these have the pdf of the original text available online for free.

1. Adler's mammoth textbook for conversational and written Latin - one of the largest Latin textbooks ever published.
2. D'Ooge's 'Latin for Beginners', including all the fabulae faciles
3. Underwood's Latin grammar for medical students.

In addition, there is the Comenius material ( I will be working on this shortly), and a large amount of stuff just to listen to.

I know some teachers are directing their students to access the material - and I regularly get emails from grateful students - and, interestingly, for teachers, who are also using the site. Adler, in particular, covers many areas of grammar in incredible detail that many standard Latin grammars do not deal with - and in such a way that the grammatical knowledge becomes hard-wired.

I get nothing from it, I don't ask students to donate ( only working adults) or anything - it is all free.

All the courses can be accessed from http://latinum.mypodcast.com

D'Ooge and Underwood are on separate podcasts, but these are linked to the main site.

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