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School textbooks on various subjects written in Latin

As part of my general interest in education in Latin, I have started to collate a list of textbooks on various subjects written in Latin, that could be used in a hypothetical 'Latin School'. If you have a subject with which you are familiar, reading a textbook in that subject will, of course, be much easier to assimilate. For a beginner, who is just starting to find his or her wings with Latin, reading these textbooks would be a useful way of increasing one's fluency.

The texts listed here are all available on Google Books, and simply searching for their titles should bring them up readily enough. It is interesting that even general subject textbooks were still being produced until the 1830's - there must be more recent examples, I've just not come across them.

Arithmetica Universalis - in usum juventutis academicae, Cantabrigae AD MDCCVII (1707)

Colloquia de Morbis Practica et Theoretica ad usum ingenuae juventutis accommodata. Edinburgi MDCCCXXVIII (1828)

Elementa Arithmeticae Numerosae et Speciosae In Usum Juventutis Academicae, Oxoniae, MDCXVIII (1618)

Elementa Botanices in usum Lectionum Academicarum , Groningae, MDCCCXXXIV (1834)

Elementa Matheseos ad usum studiosae Juventutis, Venetiis, MDCCLXXII (1772)

Elementa Philosophiae Botanicae, Berolini, 1824

Elementorum Algebrae brevis institutio in usum matheseos tyronum, 1754

Euclidis Elementorum, Oxoniae, MDCCXV (1715)

Elementa Philosophiae In Adoloscentium Usum, Venetiis, M:DCC:XCIII (1793)

Grammatica ad usum juventutis ,Scholarum Piarum, Varsaviae, 1756

De Institutione Grammatica, Emmanuelis Alvari, Regii, MDCCCXXIII ( 1823)

Grammatica Latina in usum scholarum, Westerhovii, Lugduni Batavorum, MDCCCXXVII ( 1827)

Institutionum Opticarum in usum Tironum, Scherffer, Vindobonae, MDCCLXXV
( 1775)

Institutionem Elementarium Philosophiae ad usum studiosae juventutis, Matriti, 1833

Isocratis Evagoras in usum scholarum, Lipsiae, MDCCCXXXIV (1834)

Lineamenta Historiae Graecorum ac Romanorum scholarum in usu, Harless, Lemgoviae, 1827

Naturalis Philosophiae Elementa, Patavii, MDCCLXXII (1772)

Tractatus Praeliminaris Mathematicarum Disciplinarum Elementa, Villalpando, Matriti, MDCCLXXVIII ( 1778)


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Comment by RJ on September 4, 2008 at 9:02pm
This is a great idea. Thank you for compiling this list. During my graduate work I used a book, which, to my knowledge, is unfortunately unavailable on GoogleBooks: Gradus ad Parnassum, sive manuductio ad compositionem musicae regularem, Viennae, 1725.

Students who are also enrolled in AP Music Theory enjoy working on extra credit projects out of it. Once you wade through the Pythagorean harmonic study (a great source for learning fractions in Latin), the rules for voice leading are clear and the Latin is VERY accessible.
Comment by Latinum Institute on September 6, 2008 at 7:05am
Yes, and the list will continue to grow. Google Books seems to be speeding up in its process - I keep noticing new books appearing - the titles appear a few weeks before the scan becomes available. Sometimes however, scans can only be accessed from the USA, so it is necessary to use a server like www.proxify.com to enter google with. I find many more titles are available when I do my search this way.

Google is amazing for Latinists, and now that publicdomainreprints have their automated reprint system in place, getting a hard copy of a text last printed in the mid 1700's is easy - and cheap.
Comment by Stefano on September 7, 2008 at 11:30am
A very interesting suggestion. The edition "in usum delphini" too are very usefull, but the index you share is absolutely necessary.
Comment by Latinum Institute on September 7, 2008 at 11:47am
True, I have not listed any of the all Latin schoolbooks for Classical texts - there are a great number of these, and I have some saved to my computer. It would be worth making a list of these as well.
Comment by Rodericus on September 8, 2008 at 5:53am
Quid de "a hypothetical 'Latin School'"? Hoc jam exstat. :) Quære in rete de Schola Nova a Belgis instituta et curata.

Anyway, thank you for this list. I like the idea.
Comment by Stefano on September 29, 2008 at 11:34am
Ecce vobis, spectatissimi sodales, index voluminum quae reperiuntur apud bibliothecas.
Quae sit vobis sententia, aperite, quaeso.

Astòri, D. Io parlo Latino. Manuale di conversazione Milano, 1995 [Vallardi editore]
Bernini, F. Latino vivente Torino, Milano, Genova, Parma, Roma, Catania, 1942
Brown, R. T. Modern Latin conversation D. C. Heath and Company, Boston-New York-Chicago-London-Atalanta-San Francisco, 1913
D'Arbela, E.V. Avviamento al comporre Latino Messina, Milano, s.d.
Egger, C Latine discere iuvat Roma, IV editio 1986
Egger, C Lexicon nominum locorum, voll. II Roma, 1977
Fava, D. I sinonimi latini Milano, 1910 [ristampa anastatica 1976]
Hofmann, J.B. - Szantyr, A. Stilistica latina Bologna, 2002
Paoli, U.E. Scriver Latino Milano, Messina, 1948
Pontanus, I Progymnasmatum Latinitatis, sive dialogorum volumen I/ volumen II, A. Sartorius, Ingolstadii, 1599
Posselius, J. Familiarium colloquiorum libellus Graece et Latine J. Macock, Londinii 1671
Schwieder, G. Latine loquor Herder, Romae-Friburgi Brisg.-Barcinone, 1963
Springhetti, A. Institutiones stili Latini Roma, 1954
Springhetti, A. Lexicon linguisticae et philologiae Roma, 1962
Springhetti, A. Selecta Latinitatis scripta auctorum recentium (saec. XV-XX) Roma, 1951
Torre Van, A. Dialogi familiares litterarum tironibus in pietatis, scholae, ludorum exercitationibus utiles et necessarii Antverpiae, 1657
Vitale, G. Colloquia et fabellae Milano, 1932 [Vallardi editore]

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