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During one of my more recent forays into the wildly growing forest that is Google books, I tripped over the roots of something interesting - William's Vocabulary for Speaking Latin "composed for the amusement of his son" (ha ha), and published in 1828.

Download The_Latin_Vocabulary Williams Speaking.pdf

As Williams was amused in the writing of it, so have I been in the reading of it. I have found learning this way is enjoyable, indeed, almost pushing into the bounds of actual fun. I have decided to try to learn all the words in the book.

I am a visual learner, so I googled the words, and then saved them with the Latin name as the image title. One problem - reviewing these on my computer was a pain. So I have now started the process of uploading the words onto a blog. I do not claim copyright for any of the images. I am simply moving them from one part of google's empire to another :)

I still have a lot more words to post, but so far there are around 600 vocables posted, arranged roughly in thematic groups "professions", "geography", "cooked foods", "furniture", "buildings", etc etc.

The link to the site is here:


The great advantage to learning this way, is that the Latin is not mediated by a second language. Indeed, you might even end up knowing the Latin words for things that you do not know the English (or whatever language you speak - another advantage of this method is that is is not language specific).

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