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Ad Alpes: a Tale of Roman Life is a Latin reader for intermediate students.

It was originally published in 1923. The story is held together by the narrative conceit of a journey from Ephesus in Asia Minor, where the father, Publius Cornelius, had been serving as a government official, back to Italy and then overland to the Alps.

On the way, the family travel via Brundisium (Brindisi), visit Rome briefly, and then travel on towards the Alps.

During the journey, Cornelius, his wife Drusilla, sons Publius and Sextus, daughter Cornelia and a Greek slave Onesimus and servant/slave Stasimus (who is impudent, and is always is getting into scrapes) tell each other stories. The family also own a Jewish slave, Anna, who is the wet nurse for their infant son, Lucius. She from time to time relates stories from the Bible.

The text of the 1927 edition can be read on-line on the Hathitrust site

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