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At Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo, I spoke with an overwhelming number of teachers and students who are using Wheelock's Latin (as opposed to the Cambridge Latin Course, Ecce Romani, or Latin for Americans), but who are begging for digital ancillaries (helps and drills). Saint Louis University's Classics department offers a number of helps, but this is something prepared by faculty and not by the publisher. What could you use on-line to help you with your Wheelock?

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Please forgive my naïveté, but why the concern for the distinction between offerings from the publisher versus those from third parties? Based on the quality of the material offered on the official Wheelock's site, I can't imagine it would be terribly difficult to conceive of or create superior offerings. Nor can I imagine, provided due regard was given to Harper's IP rights, that they would object to anything that complemented their offerings.
you're right, scott! and we're happy to link other sites, materials, etc., to www.wheelockslatin.com. moreover, we have a Teacher's Guide site (username/password/&gatekeeper-protected) that includes sample tests, quizzes, handouts, worksheets, etc., etc.--open ONLY to persons who can provide verifiable proof of teacher status or official home-schooler status). rick
There're a HOST of drills and other resources for Wheelock on the LINKS page at www.wheelockslatin.com. And if anyone knows of others we don't have there, let me know and we'll consider adding them.




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