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There were two post-ACL fora to discuss a direction for next year's Institute, and part of the discussion focused on themes for sessions. I would like to personally propose either a pre- or post-conference workshop on teaching and technology, and I would also like to submit an idea for a 90-minute panel on how to use technology in class. This workshop and/or panel would go beyond the "wow! look at the technology you can use for your classes" and instead focus on how-to-do-something. Think of it as you would if you took a cooking class. You don't just get shown the Kitchenaid mixer. You get to USE it. So next year, I want to have people make their own podcasts. I want them to create their first classroom blog. And more.

As this is a discussion, I would love to hear from eClassics members what you would like to be shown how to do in a hands-on environment at the next ACL. Once I get feedback, I will submit the panel/workshop proposal(s).

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I can bring my Snowball for a mike! Let me know how I can assist you.
I was really dazzled by the learning platform 'Moodle' this year. It's more of a toolbox of tech stuff, of course, than a specific piece of technology, but it might be worth introducing folks to a platform like that. Lots of great things to be done with it.

Podcasts and blogs sounds great. Maybe something on Wikis? I adore using them in class.

Sounds like a fantastic panel idea!




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