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Latin for Handheld Technologies (e.g. iPod, mobile phones)

I'm putting the finishing touches on two collections of flashcards: Wheelock and AP Vergil. The novel thing about these flashcards is that they can be viewed on an iPod (or other, video-enabled, hand-held device) and on mobile phones that have the ability to display pictures. The benefits are obvious in that a) there is no bulky box of cards to tote around, b) cards cannot be lost (or if they are deleted, they can easily be imported back into the device), c) students can review their vocabulary up to the minute prior to taking a test. The downsides that I see are that not every student has a mobile phone or iPod and that students do not physically make the cards (like I did way back when).

My questions, then, are a) what is the percentage of students in your classes that have their own mobile phones or iPods and b) what other useful applications can you think of that would fit on this devices? I know that audio (MP3) files are old news, but what other visual things can you think of that both you and your students would like to have in support of Latin/Greek on hand-held devices? We're getting to release a Cicero performance video for iPod, along with Cicero whiteboard lectures for the same platform, but what else do you think we can do that would be of use for Classics pedagogy?



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I love the Vergil vocab idea, I would say at least 85% of my students have ipods and I encourage them to carry them to class. I think it's the type of thing they would use in those off moments between this and that assignment, etc. GREAT IDEA.
Cary Riggs
Scholars Academy
Thomasville, GA
I think this is a fascinating idea. I think these are all wonderful developments. Makes me want to update my iPod. Mine's so old it only does....music!
I actually did a check on Friday...More like 95%. All of my Vergil students next year have them. They seemed to like the idea. Keep us updated on this PLEASE!
a) ALL of my students have iPods-- they'd go crazy for the flashcards!
b) Sounds corny, but maybe short grammar tutorials they could use to help them review for homework and tests? Videos of short Latin conversations for different levels would be great, too.
Hi Andrew: I just added a BlogPost about this, but I just heard today from another developer of iPod flashcards and pass along the url for our review:


Yours, Chris Ann
I did check this site out. Unfortunately no Vergil. Does any one know where my kids can buy Vergil Vocab to download? Will you be selling your version , Andrew?
I teach at a Catholic Private school in Pittsburgh and I can say with conviction that 100% of my students not only have these electronic devices but love to use them in class. I love the idea, maybe some vocabulary cards for de Bello Gallico would be good too since I, like many others, use this as my students' first authentic text. I love the Vergil idea though, especailly with the news that the AP is only going that route.

Matthew Duran
Seton-La Salle Catholic H.S.
Pittsburgh, PA
I am pretty sure 100% of my students have at least one or the other--iPod or cell phone. Your idea is wonderful. We have a full laptop program in our high school--all students are given laptops--and even with that, iPod flash cards would be very popular with my students. Please keep us updated as to when they become available.
We are putting the finishing touches on iPodius, the digital downloads portion of bolchazy.com. I'd expect the site to launch by November, at which point we'll officially release iPod flashcards for Wheelock's Latin and for AP Vergil. Cards for Latin for the New Millennium are in development and should be ready for download by the first of the new year.
I would love to give my kids the option to have a set of Vergil cards on a handheld device. I know that several of my students have ipods or iphones.

Katie Schuhl
Polytechnic School
Pasadena, CA
Hi Katie,

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers just released flashcards for iPod/iPhone for Wheelock, AP Vergil, and Latin for the New Millennium Level 1. You can see these products over at http://www.bolchazy.com/ipodius. The site is not live yet, but if you want to purchase the cards you can email info@bolchazy.com and they will place the files up on our FTP site for you to download.

Andrew Reinhard
Director of eLearning
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
percentage: close to 100.




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