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Two weeks ago eClassics featured a discussion on success stories in using technology in the classroom. Blogs, podcasts, an on-line communities for individual classes led the list. Now for the flip side: when has technology let you (and your classes) down? Let's learn from those mistakes!

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Folks will want to get in touch with Dr. Amanda Loud, now of Dartmouth, for her chilling tale of video distance learning gone terribly awry. Her winter article in Classical Outlook (winter 2006) made waves and reminds us all that there is a very practical side of eLearning to consider that is more important that the shiny distraction of a new platform. aloud@adelphia.net.
Two new horror stories came out of the post-workshop discussion at the Digital Demosthenes talk at ACL:

1) Resetting SMART Boards is tricky, time-consuming business, and has to be done when two people tap the SMART Board at the same time.

2) One of the delegates mentioned that with his course management system (CMS), that it took 11 minutes to post one grade for one student. Ack!




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