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Hi all,

I was wondering whether any of you had received a notice for this conference which is coming up in Venice in 2008. I do not know how these folks found me at RWU and was wondering whether I had you to thank for this, Andrew.

Dr. Graham and I are going to try our luck at getting our Moodle/Virtual Reality/wikis/skype/Kaneva/audio/video all singing all dancing presentation accepted. We'll do our best to spread the good news about e-learning.

Wish us luck.


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Hi Lisa,

I, too, got this e-mail. It was BCCd to some list or other I'm guessing. I submitted my proposal this afternoon. Good luck to you and Shawn!

Thanks! We wish you luck too. This would definitely be a change of scenery. I am more accustomed to presenting RWU to homeschooling families in Catholic school gyms and church basements!





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