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Fabula 1 - salve - Latin Machinamation (TuTubusLatinus)

From the filmmaker, Anthony Gibbins:

I have to be honest - I am really pleased with how well this worked. A huge amount of thanks to Peter Molyneux, the creator of Fable. I can't think of any other game that would have worked as well. I hope to follow this video up will a whole series, introducing new vocabulary in every issue. Would welcome any feedback and suggestions. Here is a very literal translation of the film : Hello. See Albion, a land beautiful and extraordinary. See the young man, named Celtus. Celtus is a brave young man. See the dog, named Tibo. Celtus and Tibo live in Geldus. Geldus is a small camp in Albion. See the wagon, the home of Galbus. See the chest. The chest is near the wagon. Celtus walks to the chest. Tibo goes with Celtus. Celtus walks through the camp. The chest is closed. Celtus opens the chest. There is a sword in the chest. Celtus takes the sword. There is a crossbow in the chest. Celtus takes the crossbow. There is some medicine in the chest. Celtus takes the medicine. There is a spade in the chest. Celtus takes the spade. Celtus walks to the hearth. His dinner is ready. Now it is night, and a full moon is in the sky. Celtus enters the wagon, and sleeps.

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