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This was originally performed live in our Latin class to celebrate learning all five of the Latin declensions.

"I bring great news for you master, master from Duke of Estershire. It says for you and your class to report to the classroom in thrirt seconds haha."

"Who dares enter my domain? I have a story for you. In the beginning of time some five trillion years ago, the great titans of Gelgamar took root on Earth. Now these titans spoke a royal language: Latin. But there language was in chaos. It needed something to hold it together. What they needed were declensions! Agh! Soon three new titans were spawned from the pits of Eriador. Enter titan of the first declension! This titan was the eldest but very mischevious. Enter titan of the second declension! This titan was clever but more greedy than all the privateers of Kholos. Soon a new titan emerged, one more smart and powerful than all the titans of the land. Enter titan of the third declension haha! Soon the titans journeyed to the great peaks of Eriador, where they found the greatest food ever created...mala! Soon the attitudes of the titans grew weary of their low status, and they turned to rebellion!


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Comment by M.B. Long on January 13, 2009 at 1:37pm
Wow...just wow.


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