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It is with great pleasure that I announce this year's winner for the first inaugural Terence Awards for excellence in student-created films on Classical and Latin themes. There are two, official cash-prize awards:

Best Use of Latin in a Film ($250.00) sponsored by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South's (CAMWS) Committee for the Promotion of Latin

Best Picture ($100.00) sponsored by Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers/eClassics

Thanks to both of these sponsors and to our student and faculty judges from Arizona State University. They were quite impressed and entertained by all of the entries.


The bulla, please...

After much deliberation, the judges decided to award both Best Use of Latin in a Film and Best Picture prizes to the film, Exercitum Caesaris, by the Latin IV students at Cedar Crest High School in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Players: Nate Deysher, Erika Lawson, Brent Miller, Aston Dommel, Tyler Chanas, Tim Reitnouer

Script: Nate Deysher

Filming/Editing: Tim Reitnouer

Latin Teacher: Catherine Zackey

This movie is a Latin-language (subtitled in English) recruitment video for the Roman army. The Latin is all original and, quite possibly, marks the world's first Latin translation of "Belgian waffle-maker".

You can view the winning film here: http://eclassics.ning.com/video/exercitum-caesaris


With the success of this first contest, and upon request by many students and teachers, the 2010 Terence Awards will feature additional categories for student filmmakers including Best Foreign Film (movies created by students outside of the U.S.) and an award for university students (other categories will be announced in the forthcoming Call for Submissions). Details will follow in the next few months.

As more and more videos are produced for Latin class projects, please encourage your students to submit their films for consideration for the Terence Awards.


Andrew Reinhard
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers/eClassics

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Comment by Andrew Reinhard on March 9, 2009 at 9:42pm
Here is the acceptance speech from the winning filmmakers:

Tam Catullus semel dixit, "O quantum est hominum beatiorum, quid nobis laetius est beatiusve?" Sumus elata delectum esse cum victores horum praemii et sumus grata occasioni donavisse fastigium nostri Latini studiorum. Quamquam multus homines sunt ignari gravitatis eius, Latin format fundamentum nostri propriae recentis linguae. Etiam optamus gratias agere nostri miram magistram, Mrs. Zackey, ei constanti auxilio et firmamento! Sperumus ille hunc certaminem continuabit permittere futuros disciplinos Latini eloqui eorum dominationem Latini et eorum privatum novum!

As Catullus once said, "Of all men (and women) more blest than others, who is more glad, more blest, than I?" We are elated to have been chosen as the winners of these awards and are thankful for the opportunity to have presented a culmination of our Latin studies (our studies of Latin). Although many people are unaware of its importance, Latin forms the foundation of our own modern language. We also wish to thank our wonderful teacher, Mrs. Zackey for her constant help and support! We hope that this competition will continue to allow future Latin students to express their mastery of Latin as well as (and) their personal creativity (innovation)!


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