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was Founded on 31 January 2008 - hard to think, almost a year has flowed by since then.
The site has as of now, 777 members, with more joining every single day.
NING added a chatroom to the site a month ago, and this has made a huge difference to the site. People are using the chatroom every day, forming friendships with others across the globe, in Latin. This built-in chatroom is far more successful than the remote chatroom we tried to run previously.

Unfortunately, John Doublier, based in NY, who worked intensively on Latinising the site shortly after I set it up, suffered a stroke a couple of months ago, and has not been able to work on Schola or contribute to the forum discussions. The translation of the site's language file now stands at 49%, (Ning keep adding new things) most of the visible English on the main parts of the site is in Latin, users would usually only encounter English when performing very specific and uncommon functions.

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