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After watching what has been happening on SCHOLA for some time, I have decided we now have enough members to split the group - and have started a new NING site, devoted purely to academic matters, leaving Schola as a more informal social venue.

I have called the new NING site Universitas Scholarium and my hope is that Neo-Latinists , Classicists, and others will write about academic matters on the site in Latin. Thus the 'serious stuff' and the light chat and banter on Schola are kept separate.

The only link connecting the sites, is the shared chatroom, which also appears on the Universitas Scholarium page - although this can be removed if members find it to be too frivolous.

I do not expect this site to grow fast, nor do I expect a large number of academic contributions - but, as Laura pointed out, in a valid criticism of Schola some months ago, if you want to post something serious, you want to put it in a serious environment.

I think context is very important. When Schola was started, I had no idea how it would grow, or how members would use the site - whether it would get ten members, or 50, or 100 ( I didn't think of numbers higher than that). It is now clear that Schola has developed into a pleasant, informal space. The Universitas Scholarium will provide an alternative.

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