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The Latinum Institutehas rebuilt its website, making it far easier for students to find the materials in our ever growing catalogue.

Latinum started as a podcast in 2006, and over the period 2006 to 2008, the Adler Latin Language structured immersion course was developed and produced.

This is a complete Latin course, and has over 190 hours of Latin tuition in audio. Student difficulties have been addressed and at every stage, and whenever an issue was unclear, the section was re-recorded to address the problem, and re-issued. The end result is a comprehensive Latin audio course that can be used by all students, even those who think that a difficult language like Latin cannot be studied alone. The Latin Institute's unique structured programme makes Latin self study possible and achievable.

The best way to learn Latin is by using an audio course. You will learn Latin grammar, but most of the actual learning will be inductive - you will learn from the thousands of examples and lessons we have created specially for you, and as you work your way through the huge structured audio library, you will find your Latin knowledge and ability level will develop rapidly.

The Latinum Institute moved to Patreon in 2017, and since then 1,500 students have used Latinum's resources. Latinum also has a Youtube Channel with 30,000 subscribers.

The course was first released via the podcast, as user feedback was needed to develop and adjust the way the course was presented ; and the course has been re-recorded once already.

Latinum has been dealing with the thorny question of 'How to Learn Latin' efficiently and thoroughly for over a decade now, and our experience has lead to the development of a wide range of audio course materials to guide you through your study of the language.

Unlike the Cambridge Latin Course, Rosetta Stone or the Lingua Latina course of Oerberg, you will not have to spend any money of textbooks; Unlike Duolingo, the Latin Institute's course is a complete, multi-year course.

The Latinum Institute only uses out of copyright books - these are updated and modernised in audio where necessary; the end result is an economical multi-year Latin course that will help you gain actual command of this language, and become a fluent reader of it.

Latinum uses Patreon to host its files and process payments, so there is an online Latin app to learn Latin, via Patreon.

Many students who have struggles with learning Latin for years have found that Latinum has finally helped them achieve their goal. We believe we have the most developed and complete online audio Latin course available online.

The course consists of formal lessons, and a large amount of specialist immersion material.

These resources can be broken down into a variety of categories:

1. Formal Latin courses in audio. The Adler Course has additional utilities developed by our students, such as complete ANKI flashcard backs and Clozemaster exercises.

2. Introductory audio readers for beginners read in Latin-English-Latin. These also have Latin-only versions.

3. Shadowing recordings, in Latin, where you listen to the Latin, and read along in a published interlinear text, or other text that has a parallel literal English translation.

4. Reverse shadowing recordings in English, where you listen to the English, while reading along yourself in the Latin. This is an excellent method for students at a variety of levels.

5. Latin paraphrases - these are audio recordings in a simplified Latin, where ambiguities are resolved and the Latin is re-written to make it reasier for a student to access the text; these are a prelude to reading the text in the original.

6. Latin audiobooks and storybooks at a variety of levels.

7. Tar Heel Storybooks,; some are available on Youtube with audio.

8. Specialist vocabulary study audio files, such as 'Swallowing the Dictionary'.

9. Latin texts in the original form presented as audiobooks.

10. Latin texts in the vernacular - English translations of Latin texts as audiobooks.

The Latinum Institute presents its materials for ease of access in catalogues for Beginners' Latin, Beginners' Plus Latin, Intermediate Latin, Intermediate Plus Latin, and Advanced Latin.

There are separate catalogues for Hebrew, Aramaic and Ancient Greek,

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