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"Integrating ICT into the classics classroom", by Bob Lister

In the summer 2007 issue of The Journal of Classics Teaching, Bob Lister (Cambridge) writes an excellent article on the state of IT (or ICT) in Classics at the high school level, comparing technology use now against an initial survey done in the 1990s. From my experience here in the States, it looks like there is parity between the US and the UK; the questions of integrating IT and Classics for blended pedagogy are universal. Well worth the read. While I could not find an electronic copy freely available, you may be able to find it on JSTOR. Here's the citation:

"Integrating ICT into the classics classroom"
Bob Lister
The Journal of Classics Teaching
JACT Third Series Number 11
Summer 2007
pp. 4-7
ISSN: 1741-7627

Also, immediately following Lister's article is a brief essay, "e-Latin" by Gretta Mullany which details her positive experience with video-conferencing and learning Latin.


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