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Two Classical Greek podcasts start up in the same week:

Seumas Macdonald in Australia and I have both started recording podcasts using the Greek Ollendorff , which teaches Classical Greek through the progressive question-answer format invented by Jean Manesca, and popularized by Ollendorff.

: As you may know, I run a small suite of sites using Ollendorff's textbooks:


It looks like a serious dose of back to the future is taking place for 19th century textbooks.

My Greek podcast will exclusively focus on the Ollendorff, which has got 96 lessons, and so will take rather a long time to record - Seumas Macdonald will be including other texts and readings in his podcast, in addition to recordings from the Greek Ollendorff . His podcast, which already has a few episodes, can be found at http://lingualatinaetgraeca.mypodcast.com

Here is a link to the online textbook, " Greek Ollendorff, being a progressive exhibition of the Principles of the Greek Grammar designed for Beginners in Greek and as a Book of Exercises for Academies and Colleges, by Asahel C. Kendrick, professor of the Greek Language and Literature at the University of Rochester, New York, D Appleton and Co, 1852.


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