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I've just returned from a vacation in Berlin and Potsdam. Lots of neoclassical and baroque architecture....
Today I went to Turnkey on the Charing Cross Road, and bought a new usb microphone to record my podcast with - a Samson C01U - a big clunky thing.

I recorded a couple of episodes, and then realised things were not quite right - after a few hours of messing around trying to get things right, I resorted to google and found the answer I needed on the Audacity pages on wikipedia. Tomorrow, hopefully, I should be able to spend a bit of time recording, and I plan to record a new session with what will hopefully be much better sound quality than I had before.

I plan to also start recording the French-Latin sessions for the lessons I've covered so far. These will not have any grammar, just the Latin with the French translation (part B of the lesson). This will be quite quick. The idea is to eventually make the podcast multilingual, at least with German and French, possibly other languages, but that will have to wait until more of the book is online.

It is only the 8th of August, and I've already had 23 000 file downloads. I was expecting a significant slowdown in August.....I seem to have consulted the wrong oracle.

Also, a kind user of the podcast has obtained a copy of Adler on interloan, and scanned the pages in the online text that were blurry, and then posted them to me as a pdf file. I will place this online in the near future, so anyone using Adler can get access to the improved scans. I've not been able to get a copy in the UK, the British Library does not want to lend out their sole copy.

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