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Thanks for your interest in eLearning and the Classics. You've gotten this far (so THIS is the Internet, eh?), but now it's time to share your thoughts, ideas, stories (good or bad) on technology in the Classics classroom. This blog will be updated three times a week (more or less) with eLearning news and links that you can start implementing into your classes right away.
The attendant Forum (on the left) is open to anyone who wishes to start a topic or contribute to an active discussion thread. I've started the first one to get things going, but please make this place your own, a portal to exchange ideas with your colleagues and students on using anything from iPods to VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) to 1337 PowerPoint skilz. Not a fan of technology? Post the reasons why! The goal here is to promote an active dialogue in the hopes that we can advance the field of Classics into the new millennium.

Please note that I do work for an academic press specializing in Classics, and will occasionally use this platform to announce new releases if I feel that they are relevant to eLearning and the Classics (in which case I'll post a description and invite comments). You can find your way to www.bolchazy.com here or via my Useful Links area. This site/network is to be a resource for everyone, offering insight on emerging media as a general help to the Classics community regardless of the Latin/Greek program of study you use.

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