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Who says rock music can't teach you anything? During my Thanksgiving visit to Arizona State University, I was recently regifted a CD by California accouti-rockers the Mountain Goats called Zopilote Machine and on the back of the case was printed the curious phrase, "Kid you fell in the milk". Classical attribution anyone? In the liner notes for this album (as with the band's other releases) comes a mixture of Latin and English, including this quote as the header: "SIC AIT FILIUS IUUENALIS". The Metamorphoses of Apuleius makes an appearance here, too. While the songs from the band are not in Latin, a few have Classically-themed titles, some whimsical like "Young Caesar 2000" and "Deianara Crush". The Latin is in the liner notes, and is arguably worth a read, especially when listening to some rather bizarre tales accompanied by guitar.

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